Hospitality management jobs in Birmingham

There are a lot of hospitality establishments in the city of Birmingham thanks to its rise as a major city in the regions. With these many establishments, there is a constant need for people to occupy managerial posts. Management posts usually require a degree in management as a basic requirement. The management sector has many vacancies for hospitality jobs in Birmingham. Here is a list of various management posts you can occupy in the hospitality sector in Birmingham.

Executive Chef

An executive chef is responsible for the smooth running of the entire kitchen. The executive chef will have to take care of everything, running from ensuring fresh ingredients and ensuring cleanliness to hiring new chefs and deciding the menu. While they are primarily responsible for supervising the operations of the kitchen, they have many duties that go beyond the kitchen. This includes training new chefs, reporting to administrators, planning the kitchen budget and more. Becoming an executive chef is not an easy process, it requires years and years of excellence and dedication to the culinary world. While it can even take 20 years to become an executive chef, the pay and responsibilities that you get are worth the time.

Spa Manager

While spas are meant to relax customers, running one is not a relaxing task. As a spa manager, you will need to plan appointments, hire masseuse, ensure you have stock of essentials, and a lot more. You will also need to take care of the daily finances of the spa and conduct dialogues with customers to get reviews of the service they received.

Hotel General Manager

A Hotel General Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of any venue with sleeping accommodations. As a hotel manager, you will need management skills, interpersonal skills, and business skills. You will need to have educational qualifications along with a few years of experience in this sector before you can become the general manager of a hotel.

hospitality jobs in Birmingham